The Return of the Big Bang – Better than ever before!

by hannahb21

Much of Oxfordshire were saddened by the news that their favourite comfort food themed, independent restaurant was due to close with no set date for a return. During its year of closure The Big Bang returned from time to time as a pop up restaurant, which I visited and was fantastic. But the people wanted a new venue that they could get their fill of bangers and mash on demand.

Now, ladies and gentlemen the dream is a reality! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes and rubble of Jericho we have the brand, spanking new Big Bang in Oxford’s Historical Castle quarter and what a welcome site it is as the ONLY independent restaurant there The Big Bang sets to bring Bangers and mash to the masses for the greater good of Oxford hurrah!

First Impressions

First impressions are fantastic as always, you are greeted as a very welcome guest in someone’s home by the friendly staff and Max, the ever charismatic owner. Everyone is a VIP whether you are dining alone, as a couple or with a group. The venue is slightly different to the shabby chic of the Jericho venue but still maintains the same charm with sofas and a coffee table as you come allowing you a comfortable seating area whilst you wait. The cutlery, glasses and crockery is mismatched but there is no apology for this, and there needn’t be: its part of the Big Bang and its undeniable charm. You will also see a glass display box which holds a single red brick, an acknowledgement of the past but looking to the future.

The Food

All food and drink (where possible) is from a 20 mile radius of Oxford. Is the absolute champion of local food and drink from the beer to the lemonade to the sausage to the mash.

We started our meal with a selection of the sharing plates which included: pork crackling, mini sausages, home-made onion rings and spam fritters. This went down very well (although the spam fritters weren’t to my taste) and was just the right size for all of us, even the 6 hungry men in our group!

As this was the first time I had visited The Big Bang as part of a large group we went for the whole hog. No, before you ask this is not an actual whole hog it is In fact a selection of all the sausages (veggie & meat), mash and gravy with vegetables for the table. It is impossible to say which I loved more but I was really pleasantly surprised with the rose mash which is potato and beetroot and the Stilton gravy both were incredibly delicious!

After this myself, and the group decided to continue our feast and try one of the delicious desserts. I went for the ice cream which was very nice, a couple had the crumble which they enjoyed and the others shared the plate of ‘local cheese gubbins’. Once again no complaints and big smiles all round.

photo from Max Mason taken by Greg Burke

photo from Max Mason taken by Greg Burke

Final Thoughts

The whole meal including wine, beer and tips came to £18 per head for a table of 8. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal and will be back for more. It’s great to see the return of The Big Bang and even better to see it in the historic castle quarter! It’s not entirely as it was though…for those who are less partial to sausage there are a range of old British classic dishes of the day, next time I must try to branch out from my usual and try one of those.

A huge welcome back to The Big Bang I look forward to visiting again soon!

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42 Oxford Castle Quarter



T: 01865 249 413

E: max​

Open Monday – Saturday: 10am-11pm

(Kitchen closed between 3pm and 5pm Monday-Friday)

Sunday: 10am – 10pm