Spires Magazine!

by hannahb21

For those you don’t know, I am now a monthly writer for Spires Magazine a new monthly guide to the best that the city of Oxford has to offer in the worlds of music, fashion, film, food and art.

Oxford has a lot to get excited about. Our streets breathe with vibrant history and culture; they’re the perfect pedestals for our iconic venues, evocative galleries, cutting-edge boutiques, delectable restaurants, quirky pubs, bars and cafés.

Being a contributor for a new Magazine showcasing Oxford’s other areas of interest is a fantastic opportunity and a great thing to be part of. We all do it for the love of Oxford and our area of interest (we don’t accept payment for our pieces).

It’s totally free so get following us on twitter and keep an eye out for the FREE monthly e-magazines which are put together by our brilliant editor Matt Ayres.

For general enquiries regarding Spires email Matt on matt@spiresmagazine.com

For foodie questions or info just email me on hannah@spiresmagazine.com