My Culinary Trip Around the World: Malaysia

by hannahb21

Malaysia is comprised of a range of different nationalities including Malay, Indian, Chinese and Thai; and, as you’d expect these different cultures heavily influence the food.

There is no denying that Malaysia is a ‘foodies paradise’ and I most definitely ate my way around the country. I basked in its culinary offerings: biryanis, samosas, Satay with Peanut sauce, dim sum, Chinese pork, Chinese duck, cream tea, stingray, hot cross buns, cream teas and ABC. You name it, we tried.

We started our culinary journey in Langkawi: home to the best Samosas in the world! From there the food got better and better. The Penang night market quickly became our second home, and the Cameron Highlands saw us enjoy tea, scones and strawberry jam. Whilst in Taman Negara (the Jungle) we ate as much rice and curry as we could to fuel our jungle treks.

The greatest samosas in Malaysia

Penang thing we didn't try

Penang Night Market

In the night market.Duck, Pork and Sticky rice: Delish!

Incredible biryani

British Bakery in Penang owned and made by a

Trying a cuppa in the Boh Tea Plantation

Enjoying Indian Malay food served on a Banana Leaf in the Cameron Highlands

not looking my best but really enjoying my pre midnight train to KL snack of Satay & Peanut Sauce

We arrived in Kuala Lumpar the day after the Grand Prix and were lucky enough to have a fantastic ‘tour guide’: Pui Lee Woon. We met Pui in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on a cookery course. It soon became apparent that I had met my foodie match. Pui took us to the best eateries in Kuala Lumpar and even drove us from one end of town to the other just to get the best Malay Coffee or Roti Tissue. We ate where the locals were and what they ate, including: fried fish skin in our steamboat, crab bigger than my head, and stingray (well worth trying). Words will not do the food justice so I shall leave you with more photographs of the food we enjoyed…it was truly out of this world.

1st day in KL and 1st meal: Malaysia food in a shopping mall restaurant

ok so not so Malay but it was almost Easter day!

stopping for a snack at the other side of town: curry puff, pink layer kuitperut panggang

Steamboat Restaurant

with the steamboat live prawns no longer live...

A=Ais=Ice B=Batu=Rock C=Capur=Mixed aka ABC

Biggest Roti Tissue EVER! Thin pastry with condensed milk, Sugar & Salt. Plus a Malay Coffee

Chinese-Malay Feast at 'Aunties' inc the Stingray & Giant Crab