by hannahb21

Oxfork started life as a supper club. As word spread bookings increased, so much so that each and every one of their events became fully booked. It was after seeing this success that they decided to open an Oxfork shop on Magalden Road, just off the Cowley Road.

I visited Oxfork during their first weeks of opening; my friend and I arrived at about 11am on a Saturday morning: the place was jam packed. We managed to get our name on a waiting list for a table so went for a short 15minute walk around the block and when we got back a table was waiting for us.

By this point my friend and I were ‘starving hungry’ and were eagerly anticipating the Oxfork Breakfast. The service was as quick as it could have been given how busy they were; the staff were attentive and friendly. We had to order at the till but our coffee was brought to our table.

The Atmosphere

Oxfork has a fantastic atmosphere. As soon as you walk through the door it is clear that it is currently THE place to have brunch in Oxford. The customers are a mix of young professionals, students and young families. The decoration is simple yet quirky; a large chandelier made of bike wheels and forks adorns the ceiling. Shelves are made from old wooden crates and art from local artists covers the walls. Our table had a make shift vase from an old golden syrup tin, as well as Heinz Ketchup and HP sauce in glass bottles!: it really is the little things that make the big difference.

The Food

My friend, Beth (swayed by the table next to us noting how exquisite the sausages were), ordered a sausage bap (£4) whereas I chose the Poached Eggs Plate – Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale, Eggs Florentine (£9).

My Egg plate was a real treat, something I would never make for myself at home (mainly because I don’t have the patience to make a hollandaise sauce). On reflection there was just a touch too much hollandaise sauce and unfortunately overpowered the rest of the flavours slightly. The bread was delicious and I am told that is from the Natural Bread Company. One thing that blew me away was the ham…DIVINE! Please Oxfork tell me your secret!!!

Beth’s sausages were as good as the table next to us said!

Final Thoughts

On reflection it’s not the cheapest of eats around, however you get what you pay for: good quality local produce served up in a local restaurant run by local people. I would brunch there again if I was in the area but sadly I live in a West Oxfordshire Village so its a long way to go for brekkie.

I love going out for brunch and Oxfork fulfilled all expectations. I hope to attend one of their infamous events.

Oxfork: ciao… for now!