5 minutes with Big Bang Max

by hannahb21

The Big Bang may be gone but it’s certainly not forgotten…in fact it returns in 4 days!

I was fortunate enough to dine in the Big Bang Restaurant prior to its close; I genuinely believed that that was the end of the sausage. However the owner, Max Mason, is relaunching the Big Bang as a Pop Up restaurant in a secret Oxford Location. The launch night is Firework night which means in 4 days time Oxford will have another BANG! I caught up with Max, the: ‘Sausage selling ethical crusader for the decent restaurant’ and I found out why he doesn’t follow recipes and why the sausage?!

Why did you decide to open a Sausage themed restaurant?

You could eat out for a Curry, a Chinese, a Thai, but could never find an ‘English’, so what better way of demonstrating the variety and quality of the Great British farming industry than through so many varieties of Sausage and Mash.

What is it you love about food?

I love being able to host 200 people a night for a dinner party. Not only that, they pay you for the privilege! You’re also aiming to constantly be ‘on your best’ which is a pleasant challenge – You want every diner to leave, commenting what a good experience they had.

Who inspires/inspired you (Food wise)?

Sophie Grigson is totally passionate about all aspects of ingredients, Thomas Keller is the finest chef on earth and greatest perfectionist when it comes to the finished dish & what goes into it. Brett Graham of The Ledbury is arguably the hardest working man in the industry.

What is your earliest food memory?

Brittany, Moules Frîtes with parents drinking Cidre Brêton in the sun – Unbeatable!

This summer you were on stage making oxford Sausages at the Foodies festival. Would you describe yourself as a good cook? If so what is your signature dish?

I love to cook, but I’ve never followed a recipe in my life – I just love to combine flavours.

What is your favourite restaurant?

Favourite restaurant in Oxford is clearly mine, then édamamé on Longwall St. Favourite in London is The Ledbury, fave anywhere is French Laundry in Yountville, California.

If you weren’t selling sausages what would you be doing?

I would be doing my best to encourage our younger generations to get a trade & be brave – To push themselves. 

What is your ultimate foodie dream?

To own a restaurant on the slopes, in the Sun and in the UK, so work could pay for all travel!

Tell me something completely different about yourself…

I was the first Royal Naval Officer to have resurveyed the bays in the Deep Antarctic since Shackleton or Captain Scott – Amazing place to have lived & worked.

The ‘Big Bang Pop Up’ location is revealed tomorrow!

I urge all of you who missed the opportunity to try the Big Bang whilst it was in Jericho to go to the Pop up. I PROMISE you will not regret it.

It’s not often you find great quality, simple, locally sourced food, served up by a charming independent restaurant owner at a price to suit all pockets;  add to that the odd quirky touches and you have a winning formula.


Have a listen to the background mp3 on the Big Bang website…http://www.thebigbangrestaurants.co.uk/ee/index.php/site/