It’s time to Graze…

by hannahb21

Yesterday I received my very first Graze box. It’s a healthy snack box which gets delivered straight to your office or home, for the sum of £3.49 per box. My friend had sent me a free code and being a self confessed bargain hunter I obviously took advantage of the offer.

What is Graze?

Graze is simple: you enter your code online; chose your delivery days and then you rate your items. I am not a fan of dried fruit so I could chose to eliminate them from my boxes which is brilliant. To get your free box, you have to input your card details, I was a bit apprehensive about this as it’s signing up for a regular box via direct debit.

My colleague and I had both ordered a box to arrive on the same day and we eagerly anticipated itl. Our boxes came with the general post at about 12noon by which time I was ready for my lunch.

The Arrival of the Box

When the box finally arrived we were slightly disappointed. Whilst we both got what we wanted they were slightly smaller than we expected. Had we of paid for them we would have wanted slightly more, especially if they are meant to last for the rest of the week. Ours only lasted for about half an hour.

It’s what’s inside that counts

The snacks themselves were lovely but before I knew it they were all gone. I was particularly pleased with the olives and Wasabi peas (my absolute favourites!).

There also were some lovely little finishing touches for example the olives had their own pick; the box came with a serviette as well as a little book of Graze complete with your own name on the top.

Final thoughts

Overall the box was lovely I can’t really complain about the quality or taste of the snacks inside. However I can’t justify spending £3.49 per week on what is essentially some seeds in a fancy box. Maybe I’m being too shrewd for my own good but in my defence I am a fairly recent graduate, post traveller in my 1st proper job and £3.49 does add up…

Graze is a really great idea and definitely worth a try; it’s a little surprise parcel that gets delivered straight to your desk. Just don’t do what my colleague did and not bring his lunch because he thought his Graze box would be more than enough for him. It wasn’t.

*Apologies for the poor quality photographs, my phone is practically pre-historic…