5 Minutes with Rachel

by hannahb21

Rachel is a fnal year Hospitality Student at Brookes Univeristy. She is currently in living, studying and working ‘Down Under’ in Sydney as part of a 6 month Erasmus. I have known Rachel for a couple of years, we worked together at a local Hotel and have remained friends ever since. She told me all about her ‘Food Crushes’ and why she chose hospitality over psychology…


What made you decide to pursue a career in hospitality?

I still can’t quite put my finger on the exact reason that I went into hospitality. My original plan was to do something conventional like psychology, I almost signed up for it at Bath Spa! I think I had a slight epiphany one day and thought that should actually do something that I enjoy and can see myself enjoying for years to come. Also I really didn’t fancy doing all those lab experiments…… I’ve always worked in hospitality and had fun doing it, so I decided to take a leap and study it. As it turns out, it was the right choice.


Who is your foodie inspiration?

My foodie inspiration would have to be anyone who can make amazing tasting food!

Tell me your ultimate dream/goal

My ultimate dream (at the moment anyway) is to open my own cafe/bistro and just create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that anyone can come and enjoy. Nothing pretentious just somewhere people can be themselves.

What is your favourite thing to cook? Also to eat?

This was easy. Lasagne. You can’t go wrong cooking lasagne, for yourself or other people. Everyone loves it, right?!

Do you have a foodie crush?

I have made my own interpretation of this question, and my answer is cake and desserts. The crush part being that I only enjoy these things from afar, you can look but cannot touch (too often).

Tell me something completely different about yourself.

This one was more difficult. But I’ve just found the answer staring me in the face! I have just received a certificate for completing ‘Polefit 1’ pole dancing for fun and fitness. There you go, I have a few pole dancing skills! haha

Thank you Rachel for taking part in my ‘5 minutes with’ 

Enjoy your last few months in Sydney

looking for seeing you for some Food/Drinks meets when you get home!