5 minutes with Laura from L&K Cakes

by hannahb21

This weekend I spent some quality time with Laura of L&K cakes. We spoke about her love of all things sweet; inspirational mothers and the Great British Bake Off. Unfortunately for me she kept her winning cake formula close to her chest. So, what makes this cake lover tick …?

What made you decide to pursue a career in baking?

My mother has been my main inspiration for pursuing a career in baking. Ever since I was young my mum would spend ages in the kitchen making sure our Birthday cakes were perfect. She has great skill when it came to sugar craft and baking – always light and fluffy. She kindly passed this skill onto me. 

Why do you love baking?

I love baking because there are so many ways to make one sort of cake, you can experiment with both flavours and colours. It’s never boring – different orders come in from customers and I love the challenge of making something different. I love baking for people as well; the satisfaction you get when you see people smile when they receive their cakes really makes it worthwhile.

Who inspires you?

My Mother – She is such a great baker, she is always trying out new recipes in the kitchen. She is the K in L&K Cakes.

Describe your cakes in 3 words:

Light, Fluffy & Delicious

What is your favourite type of cake to make?

I love making a classic sponge, as I feel I have perfected my recipe so I get a light, fluffy and evenly risen sponge. You can also add any flavour to the mix ie lemon, orange or even chocolate. It’s simple but effective.

Tell me your dreams/ultimate goal for L&K Cakes:

My ultimate dream would have my very own Cake shop, a place for people to relax and chat over a hot drink a slice of quality homemade cake.

Did you watch the great British bake off?If so who was your favourite contestant?

I did, the programme definitely inspired to me to try out new recipes. I am glad Jo won the show, she is a fantastic baker.

Tell me something completely random about yourself.

I have a rabbit called Templeton but he thinks he is a dog. I call his name and he comes running to me from the other side of the garden! Crazy but true.

L&K Cakes can be found at Cogges Real Food Market every other week.

The next one takes place on Sunday 6th November go and say hello to Laura and her Glamorous Assistant (as well as sister) Esther.

For more information on L&K Cake click HERE