C’est ici

by hannahb21

I can forgive a mediocre meal if the service is outstanding. But give me ok food and rubbish service and I will leave the establishment severely disgruntled.My friends and I were ‘lucky’ enough to find stumble across C’est ici: quaint cafe in the very lovely Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street. We genuinely believed we had struck cake shop gold however my thoughts rapidly changed.

Coffee, cake and service with a smile?

Once sat, we had to ask a waiter to take our drinks order, the young man did not note down our order which is something that always unnerves me. We waited a good 10 minutes before we then had to ask the whereabouts of our drinks to which the waitress said ‘don’t worry’. When our drinks finally arrived my friends had to ask for milk to accompany their tea.

After this, things did not improve; we had to ask our waiter if we could order some cake. When our ‘desserty cakes’ arrived they did so without any cutlery and I had to ask the waitress for a dessert spoon for my chocolate fondant with ice cream. Her response was frankly quite rude; she pointed to my used teaspoon from my fruit tea and asked why I couldn’t use that I responded by pointing out that that spoon had been used and that I would like another, the waitress then pulled a face a me and walked off to get me a new spoon.

When it came to paying the bill we had noticed that there was a 12.5% service charge, my friends and I agreed to not pay this discretionary service charge something the staff didn’t quite understand and kept telling us we hadn’t paid the full bill.

Final Thoughts

I consider myself a fairly easy customer; I know what it’s like to work in hospitality as I worked my way through university as a waitress and barmaid. I therefore can find no excuse for their rude behaviour especially as we arrived during a fairly quiet part of the day. The experience was not a total wash out; I was spending time with a couple of dear old friends who I had not seen for about 2 years plus my chocolate fondant was lovely and rich. However, I will not be returning to C’est ici in the near or distant future.