A drink?! made with Flowers?!

by hannahb21

I love trying new and exciting food and drinks. I recently sampled a new soft drink called Simply Hibi which is made from an infusion of Hibiscus flowers. My immediate thoughts were not too positive it sells itself as a great tasting drink bursting with antioxidants. All those things are good but not really my main concern when it comes to buying soft drinks, I felt a bit like Peter Kay: ‘A drink?! Made from flowers?!’.

To Try? or Not to Try?

I poured myself a glass of the rich coloured liquid and cautiously took my first sip, paused then found I was pleasantly surprised. It was both refreshing and light tasting so much so that I went back for seconds. My intrigued colleagues also tried a bit and it got a mixed reaction; maybe it’s the marmite of the drink world?! Simply Hibi is an unusual drink that I wouldn’t normally pick up and put in my shopping basket but I think I have been converted.

The Feel Good Factor

Simply Hibi retails at £1.89 for a litre in Waitrose; I think the price is reasonable and matches the product well. As well as being an antioxidant Simply Hibi has a scheme which helps the 2000 Ugandan farmers who work with them. They provide training as well as an opportunity to generate a sustainable income.

Final Thoughts

There we have it the interesting drink that changed my small minded thinking on drinks made of flowers and rich in antioxidants. It is the drink that helps you as well as others give it a go you’ll love it or hate it, why not try it and see for yourself!

Image from google...my camera had sadly broken so didn't get a shot of me before and after