Banh Mi Bay: A hidden gem

by hannahb21

This recent bank holiday weekend I met up with my friend, Kathryn, in London. We met in Bali on our respective ‘around the world trips’. We were walking from the Museum of London to Covent Garden when we stumbled across Banh Mi Bay which is an authentic Vietnamese Cafe on Theobolds Road*. As it happened we were talking about our Vietnamese adventures when we found the Banh Mi Bay.

The exterior

The interior

The Food

We walked in and were hit with the foodie aromas of Vietnam. The Vietnamese staff welcomed us and we found a nice spot to sit; both of us commented on the simple yet beautiful decor. The menu was typically Vietnamese and included dishes such as Pho and the infamous Vietnamese baguettes. We both opted for fresh spring rolls which were called summer spring rolls in the menu. The summer spring rolls contained vermicelli rice noodles, fresh mint, and lettuce you then had a choice of more meat or vegetables. I had king prawn and pork whereas Kathryn went for a veggie option. They were so very delicious and took us both back to the first moment we tried them in Vietnam, a country slightly more exotic than ‘Blighty’. The food cost us about £3.75 each and included a lovely peanut hoi sin dipping sauce.

My Prawn & Pork Summer Spring Roll (C) Kathryn Mansi

The Drink

To accompany Kathryn’s spring roll there was 100% imported Vietnamese coffee it was served in a glass mug and had a brilliant individual peculator (sadly they got them from Vietnam). I went for a bog standard ice latte due to my worry that the coffee would be the weasel coffee which I am too scared to try however, the latte was lovely.

Vegetarian Summer Rolls & Vietnamese Coffee (C) Kathryn Mansi

Cam on

We felt as though we had found a hidden gem in Banh Mi Bay; the staff were friendly and attentive and the food was magnificent and authentic. I couldn’t leave without purchasing some rice paper to try and make my own fresh spring rolls at home (watch this space). If I am ever passing through that area again I would definitely return.

Cám ơn Banh Mi Bay.

*Banh Mi Bay

4-6 Theobolds Road