The 3 F’s Part 2: Welcome to my Curry Paradise

by hannahb21

On Saturday I held a dinner party for 12 people (14 if you include my parents). The starter and main were dishes I learnt to make in Bali. It was a huge learning curve and despite me believing I was more prepared than physically possible… I wasn’t. My guests arrived right on time and I then proceeded to have a 15minute ‘flap’ trying to get the meat in the oven, the salad garnish done and the candles lit. Luckily my wonderful mother lent a helping hand as did my friends and from then on the evening ran smoothly and was a roaring success (if I do say so myself). All the hard work and thought paid off (my napkins matched my Balinese apron!)

It was a joy to share the flavours of my travels with some of my dearest friends. I learnt that I could cook for 14 people but that I don’t really want to cook for that many again in a hurry as it took me 2 days to recover! My biggest achievement was breaking my meringue making curse hurrah!

The evening ended with the after eight game, Articulate and the name on head guessing game.

A picture says a thousand words so, I’ll leave you with a few photos…

Sate lilit- balinese minced pork sate the word lilit translates to 'wrap around' as the meat is wrapped around a stick

Bali style rice to go with the opor ayam aka chicken curry

My guests and their curry

Whipping up the cream for my Strawberry Pavlova

Homemade strawberry pavlova and my homemade chocolate tart

Me and my lovely dinner guests