Atomic Burger: Out of this world?

by hannahb21

I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t like a good burger. Question is where do you find a good burger? For every decent burger joint there are at least 4 disappointing ones. Until recently I thought that I would have to live with the fact that my favourite burger joint is over 11,000 miles away in New Zealand. But, I have found Fergburgers UK equal: Atomic Burger.

Quirky old school cool

Atomic burger is independently owned and based on Oxford’s Cowley Road; you can’t miss it with its white picket fence, fake grass and bright frontage. Atomic burger clearly isn’t just about the food; the decor is part of the products package. Everywhere you look there is some sort of comic book reference from Thunderbirds spaceships to my little pony. Even the loo’s have comic book lino! The music is old school cool and includes the Beatles, Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye. I knew from the second we walked in that Atomic Burger was going to be my kind of place!

Service with a Smile

We were greeted by a very friendly, helpful and attentive waitress who sat us down and explained the menu to us Atomic ‘newbie’s’. It’s a simple concept; you choose a burger then decide if you want it to be beef, chicken breast or veggie. Included with your burger is one of the following sides: plain fries, sci fries (chilli and garlic), cosmic coleslaw, onion rings and ceaser salad; there really is something for everyone.

The Burger

I opted for the ‘Frito Bandito’ with beef, grated cheese, nachos, salsa, guacamole and sour cream (£8.95). My colleague chose the ‘Jake and Elwood’ with beef, blue cheese, and bacon and onions (£8.75). We had one portion of fries and one of sci fries both were delicious and had still had the potato skins on…delish! On the table in kitsch holders was ketchup and dijonaise definitely not what we expected. The burgers were out of this world! My colleague and I thought that there was just the right ratio of bun to burger filling.

Front: Frito Bandito Back: Jake N Elwood

There is always room for Dessert

We couldnt resist trying one of the desserts and found room for pudding. We decided  to share a ‘wonkers waffle’ (£4.95) and a ‘finger a fudge Sunday’ (£5.50). The waffle passed our ‘waffle test’ it was 100% homemade (the waitress assured us) and delicious. The ‘Sunday’ was disappointing the brownie was dry also, I will risk sounding like a snob but I really dislike cheap tasting chocolate ice cream and UHT ‘squirty cream’ and sadly, the ‘Fudge a Finger Sunday’ included both of those which ruined that dessert for me so much so we didn’t finish it.

'Finger Fudge a Brownie Sunday' & 'Wonker Waffle'

I cannot wait to pay another visit to Atomic Burger, I honestly want to make my way through their menu. It’s a simple concept that works and it’s by far the best burger joint in Oxford, this was apparent by the amount of people dining there on a Friday lunchtime. The service could not be faulted; the waitresses were attentive and friendly plus it’s affordable!

I will be back and next time I’ll be bringing friends, family and anyone I meet on the walk there.

Atomic Burger, you’ve well and truly knocked Fergburger off its throne.