‘Pimp that Snack’

by hannahb21

At university I heard about a website called ‘Pimp that Snack’ but it wasn’t until the other day that I actually decided to see if it really existed! It is basically a website where people post photos of various snacks they have ‘pimped’. There are some pretty amazing and unbelievable things on there such as the ‘Giant Cola Bottle’ to a ‘Pimped Happy Meal’.

Anyways if you have some time to kill or maybe you want to ‘Pimp’ your own snack then have a look and if you do happen to create a ‘pimped up snack’ then send me a pic!

Photo from pimpthatsnack.com: the Pimped Happy MealPhoto from Pimpthatsnack.com: A GIANT cola bottle

Photo from pimpthatsnack.com: a GIANT cola bottle