Get crispy for Comic Relief

by hannahb21

I was in the local Co-Op with my mother getting something for dinner when I came across a special offer on some Walkers crisps. Normally this is something I would glance at and pass by however, this particular display caught my eye, not because the offer was a fantastic bargain but because of the unusual flavours: ‘Stephen Fry up’; ‘Steak and Al Pie’; ‘Jimmy Con Carne’ and ‘Franks Roast Dinner’.

Completely intrigued I put 2 packets (Steak and Al Pie and Jimmy Con Carne) in our shopping basket.

Savour the Flavour (?)

Once home, we opened up the packets, shared them and were pleasantly surprised; They actually tasted of chilli con carne and steak and ale pie! Whilst I do enjoy crisps they aren’t something I consume on a regular basis however, after these two packets I was determined to find the next two flavours, in particular ‘Stephens Fry Up’…how on earth can they make a fry up flavour crisp???!

‘Franks roast dinner’ was easy enough to find however the flavour was disappointing and nothing special, very similar to Roast chicken flavour crisps.

‘Stephen Fry up’ took a good couple of days to track down, but when I finally found it, it was definitely worth the search largely for the novelty value: a fry up flavoured crisp = genius. I can see it taking off and being a student favourite as it could be sold as a snack and breakfast!

The Campaign

I had better start explaining what I am talking about. Comic Relief has teamed up with Walkers crisps and they have got 4 big name British comics to join them by creating 4 new flavours. In case you hadn’t already guessed these 4 comics are: Stephen Fry (ledge), Jimmy Carr, Al Murray, and Frank Skinner. The campaign is called:

‘Clash of the Comics: the campaign to raise over £1millon’

Five pence from each packet sold goes to comic relief (win win situation). However it’s not all about making money these comedians are genuinely desperate to win so they do not have to complete the forfeit. The Walkers website notes:

To Spice things up the 3 losers will face an eye watering forfeit on March 18th.

The 3 losers will truly feel the pain of defeat as they each get a body wax from a mystery celebrity! Who will it be? Will they be gently? Probably not. No wonder our comics will do anything to win.’  

So, not only do you raise money for Comic Relief whilst getting an interesting and tasty snack but on March 18th you’ll get some cracking entertainment!

It’s also worth checking out the website and reading each comics plea’s for why you should vote for their flavour; Jimmy Carr’s is particularly entertaining and well worth a read.

Final thoughts on getting Crispy for Comic Relief

Which one’s my favourite? Well I don’t really know; if it was based purely on celebrity then it’d have to be Stephen Fry. My least favourite flavour is, without a doubt, ‘Franks Roast Dinner’ sorry Frank (on the plus side I was a fan of your World Cup Song!).

There is however one negative point: they aren’t exactly ‘veggie friendly’. Whilst meat flavoured crisps are generally suitable for vegetarians many veggies don’t like eating meat flavoured foods. Maybe for the next big campaign Walkers could add a ratatouille or vegetable curry flavour to the list.

Who wins: You decide!