Let them eat cake.

by hannahb21

Cake. Just the word makes my mouth water. There are thousands of different types of cake recipes ranging from the classic Victoria sponge to the more unusual combination of chocolate and coca cola. If there is a birthday, wedding, christening or leaving party the chances are that the occasion is marked by a cake. Imagine a world without cake, special occasions just wouldn’t be the same.

Cupakes a la mode?

In the past couple of years the popularity of cake, in particular cupcakes, has dramatically increased. Despite cake being a constant in the world of food, boutique cupcakes have made the humble cake more en vogue than ever before. Famous cupcake shops have emerged most notably the Hummingbird Bakery in London who have even brought out a cupcake cookbook (my mum has a copy of it) for all you cupcake fans out there. Cupcakes are everywhere; you can even buy them on EBay!

I Fancie. a bit of that

Despite initially not being a fan of the cupcake I was soon converted by the yummiest cupcake shop I have been to (so far on my food journey of life): Fancie. They say they are for people who like cake and I am pretty sure I tick that box. As well as being a feast for the eyes Fancies’ cakes are also a treat for the taste buds with flavours ranging from tiramisu, Snickerlicious even lemon meringue. There are even plain chocolate and vanilla ones for those who are less adventurous. They even have a daily special which they publicise through Facebook and Twitter

The brand has grown in the past 2 years and now there are 4 of their shops in Sheffield and they even have celebrity fans such as Paloma Faith as well as appearing in the national newspapers and Glossy Magazines such as Elle.

The Cupcake Party 

My best friend has the sweetest tooth on this earth, I am so confident of this that I challenge you to find someone that has a tooth sweeter than hers. Anyways for Tammy’s 21st Birthday I arranged for us and the girls to have a cupcake decorating session at Fancies shop on Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield.  Included in our package were 4 cakes to decorate as we wished and a soft or hot drink. It was a really nice way to spend a cold, quiet January evening. We had the shop to ourselves (the staff were there too) and we just sat, gossiped, relaxed and decorated away our time there. The only thing that I think Fancie could have done better was for us to have the option of recreating the more unusual Fancie cupcakes such as the delicious Snickerlicious flavour (a favourite amongst the group). We would have been happy to pay slightly more for the pleasure of this and also for a demonstration as a few of us struggled to work the piping bag.

Pre cake decoration anticipation

My decorated cakes...soo yummy!

The group at Tammys 21st Birthday surprise cake decorating session


Nonetheless Fancie is one of many things I miss about Sheffield and I hope that one day their brand will make its way to Oxford…please??? Cake might not make the world go round but it certainly makes the world a better place.