Two for Tea? Tea for Two?

by hannahb21

Tea: the vital ingredient for British culture. Ask anyone what they think the British drink and almost every answer will be tea. Now it may shock you to know I am not a tea drinker; it just isn’t my bag. That’s not to say I haven’t tried it, every few years I think to myself ‘is today the day I will become a tea drinker?’ this day is yet to come, saying that the other week I did manage half a cup (the most tea I have consumed to date) of Darjeeling but nope nothing no feelings for the stuff. Maybe tea and I just aren’t meant to be together.

Tea in the North

I am not going to ramble on about the history of tea, but taking tea really has been woven into British social history. At university we had to do a group research project where we made a piece of media on the history of something in Northern culture, my group chose tea. If you are interested in the history of tea and tea drinking in the North of England then please click here to see our website.

The Quaint Tearoom

At the age of 15 I started working in the local tearoom, Park House Tea Rooms and Antiques. I was a tea lady and I love love loved it. From then on I have loved visiting tea rooms (cue the granny jokes). Tea rooms have the charm that cafes lack, especially places where everything is made fresh on the premises and a smile really is part of the staff’s uniform. They are cosy places to go for a good gossip with the girls or somewhere to take a grandparent. Since the release of Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland Tearooms, Tea and Tea parties have become the height of fashion.

Cream Tea

My favourite thing to sample in a Tearoom is the Cream Tea (make mine with Twinning’s cranberry, raspberry and elderflower fruit tea please!). On my 18th birthday my friends and I went for a Cream Tea after school at Park House Tearooms, I even had a birthday candle in my scone! I started my 21st birthday celebrations with a cream tea at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford where there was even a piano player (very classy). Ok so Cream Tea at the Randolph is completely different to the cosy Tearoom down the road but who doesn’t like a bit of posh every now and again?!

My 18th Birthday: Trying to stop myself from laughing whilst blowing out the candle

Turning 21: Do not be fooled... I have not been converted this is fruit tea

Post Cream Tea, refuelled and ready for phase two of birthday celebrations!


The whole reason I am writing this blog is to draw attention to a website I have found:

Two people, Lily and Amos, set themselves the challenge of visiting every single tea room in the country! So far they have visited 150 (and counting) tearooms.  They aren’t just drinking tea and eating scones to their hearts content thought, they are also raising funds for Marie Curie cancer care and they had a tea party in Bristol which raised around £400.

Go and check out their website for interesting recipes and Tearoom reviews. The only thing I would say is that their review of the Randolph was completely different to mine.

Put the kettle on then!