Bebes Bacon Baps: The Best Bacon Baps in Oxfordshire(possibly the world)

by hannahb21

Monday morning at Oxford train station and in need of a decent breakfast. Unfortunately all that’s available is a microwaved egg and bacon baguette or a sausage bap that’s been sat under a hot light for a couple of hours.   What you want is something fresh, tasty and comforting. Sound familiar?

For those who are not in on one of Oxfords best kept secrets, ‘Bebe’s Bacon Baps’ is a mobile stand that sells the tastiest bacon sandwich in Oxfordshire and a welcome break from the chain cafes and snack shops that have taken over Britain’s stations. Drawn towards the smell of freshly cooked bacon I found myself meeting Alan Joyce, the owner.

After being made redundant from Aston Martin, the native born New Zealander decided to set up his own business in Oxford, which has been home for the past 20 years, and so ‘Bebe’s Bacon Baps’ was born. Having been open for over 8 months Alan has expanded his business and ‘Bebe’s Bacon Baps’ are now available for the revellers of Oxford in the outside area of ‘The Bridge’ night club. I personally can’t think of a better way to start the day or end a night out, I’ll be first in the queue.

For just £3 you can get a fresh bacon roll, with some cheerful banter thrown in for good measure. Of course Alan offers students a  discount of 10% and children are also catered for with half portions priced at £1.50. ‘Fresh food and a friendly face is simply part of the package’ he tells me. Alan prides himself on his quality British ingredients, stating that ‘customers aren’t just buying into a sandwich but they are buying into something good and wholesome, we use the best quality organic bacon and everyday there is fresh bread’. Each roll has a choice of white or malted bread and is loving cut, toasted and buttered before your very eyes. There is also the offer of a free slice of mature British cheddar or some fried onions to complete your sandwich.

Alan has real passion in what he does, he tells me that each time he makes a bacon roll he wants it to be the best one he has ever made, if the bacon gets slightly burnt or the yolk breaks in the egg he will simply start again. If you’re in a hurry then not to worry, each sandwich takes a mere matter of minutes to make which is quite possibly how long you will be waiting in a queue to pay for that soggy micro waved baguette or pre packaged sandwich at one of the ‘chain’ establishments.

Support your local entrepreneur, buy British, buy fresh and enjoy!